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W e are a multicultural, Catholic community in the heart of the City of Albany. Our community is committed to exercising our bold faith through pragmatic actions. We follow both a Jesus that lives and transforms the lives of others with unconditional love and unstoppable hope and a loving Father that calls us to do more for each other. Our church welcomes families from diverse cultures, languages, and ethnic backgrounds. We have been blessed with the opportunity to bring the word of God to English, Spanish and Filipino speakers. We are grateful that we are able to celebrate God’s love for us through many different cultures. One God, one Love, many expressions of the same love. We invite you to participate in this enlightening experience.

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Letter from Father O’Connor – Palm Sunday

April 5, 2020

Dear Friends, Parishioners,

St. Paul tells us that we will reign with Christ only if we suffer with Him. For years I have been trying to understand this teaching. Why must I suffer in order to reign with Him? It almost sounds mean, sadistic.

We do know that suffering is a major part of everyone’s life. But why? I can’t begin to understand this with my mind. But yes, in my heart I know it is true. Just look at Jesus on the cross, behold His horrible suffering, His torture, His dying.

I do realize that I am self-centered and that it is through my suffering that I can open my heart to God’s love which liberates me from my selfishness, little by little. So I glory in my weakness so that I am enabled to open my heart to God’s love.

At this time we are all suffering because of the Coronavirus. Sandra and Miguel López and Jefferson Pintado have been hospitalized with the virus. Perhaps there are more from our parish. Many of us are anxious due to the virus and others of us struggle with illness and pain, even depression. Our suffering need not be useless. We believe that God will overcome. THERE WILL BE EASTER. Jesus will Rise.

During this Holy Week I invite you to follow the Gospel readings from the Gospels in your Bible or Missalette.  They are as follows:

Palm Sunday – The joyful entrance of Jesús into Jerusalem from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 21, verses 1 – 11. (Mt. 21: 1-11)

Holy Thursday – Mass of the Last Supper, Jesús washes the feet of His disciples including Judas, His betrayer, from the Gospel of John, Chapter 13, verses 1 – 15.  (John 13: 1-15)

Good Friday – The Passion and Death of Jesús according to the Gospel of John, Chapter 18, verses 1 – Chapter 19: verses 1 – 42.
(John 18:1 – 19: 1-42)

Holy Saturday – Still and Quiet

Please pray for me and Sister Grace. I hope we will see one another soon.

Finally I invite you to pray the following prayer until we meet again.

With all my love,
Father O’Connor and
Sr. Grace

Merciful God,
in this time of sickness we place our trust and hope in You, the Divine Physician, to ease the suffering and the fear that is gripping us. Bless us with the calm and responsible behavior that we need to combat this crisis, and work through the decisions of our leaders and the hands of our medical professionals, caregivers and researchers. Let this illness pass quickly and bring us all together in You. Amen. (Maryknoll Sisters)

Mass Online

You can watch Mass live or recorded from our home parish, Blessed Sacrament. Here is a link to the Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCknImvzH4WfiAkT5i65GEGQ.

Masses are Cancelled

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany is canceling public Masses until further notice to help prevent exposure and spread of the coronavirus. Weddings and funerals will still be held as scheduled, but capacity restrictions are in place.

Census 2020 – Be Counted

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