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Join us for Mass on Sundays at 9:30 AM (English) and 12:00 PM (Español).

Mass Times

English Mass – Sunday at 9:30 am
Misa en Español – Domingo a 12:00 pm


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273 Central Avenue
Albany, New York 12206


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Office: (518) 465-3685

Who we are

W e are a multicultural, Catholic community in the heart of the City of Albany. Our community is committed to exercising our bold faith through pragmatic actions. We follow both a Jesus that lives and transforms the lives of others with unconditional love and unstoppable hope and a loving Father that calls us to do more for each other. Our church welcomes families from diverse cultures, languages, and ethnic backgrounds. We have been blessed with the opportunity to bring the word of God to English, Spanish and Filipino speakers. We are grateful that we are able to celebrate God’s love for us through many different cultures. One God, one Love, many expressions of the same love. We invite you to participate in this enlightening experience.

Upcoming Events

Special Events

Parish Family Breakfast Fundraiser

Treat your family to a delicious breakfast after the English morning Mass around 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 28th

Breakfast will include: Pancakes, sausages, omelet, juice/coffee, water and fruits.

Price: $10 per person ages 10 and up, $5 ages 9 and under

Any other monetary donation will be greatly appreciated

 Help us continue to build a stronger faith community by supporting these events that will help our finances and allow us to enjoy a meal with a pleasant conversation.

 If you would like to place an order or to place an order to go, we will be taking orders on Sundays, 7/14 and 7/21 or by phone, by calling or by sending a text message to Griselle at: 518-545-9070

Blessings and Congratulations to Our Graduates!

Sandra Guzman-Ortiz

Jazlyn Peralta

Elizabeth Eckhardt

Strategic Planning Meeting

Strategic planning is a process that will help us focus on aligning the unique gifts of our community and the resources that God has given us, and to take advantage of the different opportunities we have as a multicultural community at the Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Americas. Scripture says, “Watch carefully then how you live, not as foolish persons but as wise, making the most of the opportunity” (Ephesians 5:15–16). As we do the planning, let God do the directing.

As a Catholics, this is not simple exercise of planning but the realization that through prayer and obedience we can be a catalyst to help bring a future that is in alignment with God’s will. Through prayer, the framework for a plan can be established. We do the planning, but God does the directing.

During the following weeks over 30 leaders of our Shrine community will received a personal invitation to participate in this process. Father O'Connor and Sister Grace Diaz, did an amazing job identifying different individuals within our community to help us in this process. If you received an invitation, we encourage you to participate with us. If you do not received an invitation, you have a greater task, pray for the process of planning asking for God direction.

When: Saturday, August 24, 2019 from 9:00 am-2:00 pm
Where: Blessed Sacrament

Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Americas

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Contact Us

273 Central Avenue
Albany, New York 12206

274 Sherman Street
Albany, New York 12206


(518) 465-3685 Ext. 12



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