Our Staff and Volunteers

Thank you for your willingness to give of your time and talent to our Shrine Church community! Know that you are part of a large group of staff and volunteers share their gifts and talents in order to pass on our Catholic faith to the youth of our church community, by serving as a disciple of Christ. It is only through the generosity of our

Shrine Church family that we are able to provide all the ministries and services that we do. Here you will find contact information for our staff and volunteers.

Shrine Church Staff

Rev. Daniel Quinn

Blessed Sacrament Pastor

P: (518) 482-337

Rev. Francis A. O'Connor

Shrine Chaplain

P: (518) 465-3685 ext 13

Alejandra Saucedo

Pastoral Associate

P: (518) 465-3685 ext 12
E: info@ourladyoftheamericas.org

Deacon Miguel Fabián

Shrine Deacon


Deborah Klose

Minister of Music


Confesora Franco

Faith Formation Coordinator

P: (518) 465-3685 ext 11

Faith Formation

María Aricapa

RCIA Catechist

Confesora Franco

Preparer for Baptisms

E: cflovejesus@aol.com

Owen Glenn

Confirmation Catechist


Lina Hernández

First Level Catechist


Lourdes Mejias

Faith Formation for Adults

Claire B. Nolan

Preparer for Baptisms

E: cbnolou@gmail.com

Juan David Ochoa

Confirmation Catechist


Maria Stella

First Comunion Cathechist

Ministries Leaders

Ramón Bonifacio

Almas Misioneras


Marty Bink

Prayer & Worship Committee 


Peter Crasto-Donnelly

Advisory Council


Teresa Crasto-Donnelly

Youth Ministry


Miriam Dominguez

Misioneros de Jesús


Yocasta Fabian

Mujeres Llenas de Gracia


Griselle Maldonado-Torres



Gladys Miranda

Visitation of the Sick



Contact Us

273 Central Avenue
Albany, New York 12206

274 Sherman Street
Albany, New York 12206


(518) 465-3685 Ext. 12


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