Residents Encounter Christ

A Prison Minitry

A Prision Ministry

Ministry leader:  Ed Falterman (518) 462- 4482


Diocese: Total over 100 men and women on up to six prison retreat teams twice a year. In addition 100 supportive visitors serving on the second day of the retreat (Hootenanny).​

Ministry details:

Bi-annual retreats and weekly bible study/faith sharing at six different State prison facilities within our diocese.


To serve the Lord by encouraging the prison inmate population to become more active Christians during and after their incarceration. Our work is accomplished primarily through three-day retreat program, timely follow-up meetings, supporting other religious activities within prisons and supporting re- entry to the community.

The major theme for the weekend retreat is to know, love and serve the Lord; and to die to self; to rise again in the Lord; and to go forth together.


Ministry activities and special events:

In addition to the prison retreats, bible studies, providing palanca and the team meetings, team members and Hootenanny visitors can attend an annual retreat/meeting aimed at spiritual growth and further training. There is also bi-annual training (orientations) by the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. Team spirit is inspirational and action oriented.


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