In Baptism, we are recreated as the children of God and brought into the Life of God through Jesus Christ.  During this Sacrament, we receive the Holy Spirit who makes a dwelling within us, bearing the gifts of Faith, Hope, and Love.

Baptism Preparation

Baptisms are held the second Sunday of the month during Mass. For every baptism, instruction is required. See requirements below and registration form. Contact: Claire Nolan at (518) 209 6477 or e-mail her at in English or Confesora Franco: (518) 452-5753 in Spanish.


Baptism is a Sacrament of the community through which one enters the Body of Christ. The presentation of children for baptism is an occasion for the community to welcome new members into the sacramental life of the Church. Baptism is not a private matter, faith is not the private possession of the individual family. For this reason the preparation and celebration of the sacrament is held the second Sunday of the month during Mass. This community context provides a sense of common prayer, shared faith, and identification with the whole church.


  1. Parents of the child to be baptized must have all the paperwork completed to the parish center at least five weeks (5-weeks) prior to scheduling a baptism date. It is the responsibility of the parents to make the arrangements.
  2. Parents must be registered members of the Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Americas or Blessed Sacrament ParishIf parents are not registered, please complete registration form here
  3. Parents must complete a baptism registration form. See the form below.
  4. A copy of the birth certificate must accompany the baptism registration form.
  5. Parents and godparents must attend a pre-baptism class (they must register prior to attending).
  6. Godparents need the following:
  • The Church only requires one godparent, who should be Catholic, but if your child will have 2 godparents, then one should be a man and the other a woman.
  • At least one godparent needs to be a practicing Catholic.
  • Godparent(s) should have received: (Baptism, Holy Eucharist/First Communion, & Confirmation.
  • Godparents should to be over 16 years of age.
  • Godparents cannot be in a common law marriage.
  • If the godparents are married, they need to be married in the Church.
  • If the godparents are not members of the Shrine community, they can take the pre-Baptism class in their own parish; however they need to provide proof of having taken the class.

If the chosen godparents cannot be present the day of the Baptism, they can be represented by a Proxy. The requirements for a Proxy are the same as those noted above for the godparents.


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