Confirmation complements Baptism by sealing and strengthening the believer to live as a child of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Confirmation Process

Confirmations are held once a year by the Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger. For more information, contact our Shrine Office at (518) 465-3685 or Owen Glenn at


Confirmation is a sacrament of initiation that is closely connected to Baptism and Eucharist, even though it is often celebrated years later. It “perfects baptismal grace” and incorporates us more firmly into Christ and strengthens our bond with the whole Church and the mission of Christ. At Confirmation, one is strengthened in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to help us live more fully as disciples of Jesus Christ.

PreRequisites to entering Confirmation preparation

  1. Complete the Faith Formation Registration Form.
  2. An individual must be baptized and must be at least 15 years old or in 10th grade to begin Confirmation preparation.

Confirmation preparation

  1. For adolescents, there is usually a parent or parent/candidate meeting at the beginning of the program, so that everyone is aware of the details of the preparation, and is ready to begin the process.
  2. The Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Americas follows the Diocesan guidelines for those preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation. After receiving Baptism, Reconciliation and the Eucharist, the candidates are ready to receive the third Initiation sacrament, Confirmation. Bi-weekly classes are held every other Friday, 7:00 – 8:30 pm, beginning in early fall and continuing until until late spring, when the sacrament is administered at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Confirmation candidates are expected to attend all classes.
  3. Community service is part of the curriculum, and activities geared toward helping others are directed within the church, the parish and the outside community.
  4. A Liturgical Evening for the confirmandi and their sponsors, open to parents and friends, is held midway through the instruction period, and a retreat is given later in the year. Guest speakers who give additional insight into instruction may be invited.
  5. Recognizing the diversity of the Shrine Church’s parishioners, the selected textbook, Confirmed in the Spirit, is written in Spanish as well as in English. The text is supported by the Decision Point program, which lends relevant video support to instruction, as well as material from a number of other sources.
  6. It is necessary to have a Confirmation Sponsor. A person is eligible to be a sponsor for a Confirmation candidate if:
  • Is at least 16 years of age.
  • Is a Catholic who has been fully initiated (baptized, confirmed and received Eucharist).
  • Lives a live in harmony with the Catholic faith.
  • Is designated by the candidate and willing to take the role of sponsor.
  • Is neither the father or the mother of the candidate ( or someone in the parental role).

The role of sponsor is not merely an honorary role just for the ceremony only. The sponsor role is very specific – he or she is a representative of the Catholic community and pledges to support the faith journey of the candidate in the Catholic community. This is why a person who is not a Catholic (even though he or she has had a positive influence through faith and witness), is not eligible to have this role. A Catholic who does not go to Mass or practice his/her faith should also not be considered for this responsibility.

Faith Formation Registration Form

Please complete the Faith Formation registration form bellow, select the Confirmation program,  and bring the form to the Shrine Church Office.


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